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Meet the cast

Julian Stephen

Artist Julian Stephen developed the idea of Appropriate Culture by drawing his inspiration from classic television shows that reflected unity and inclusion (i .e Fresh Prince, Martin). The rapper aimed to connect with his audience by familiarizing himself from a unique perspective.

The Queens native’s goal was to present the culture through a scripted narrative that families could tune into years to come. In addition to the series Stephen accompanies this season by featuring some of his own music serving as the soundtrack as well.

Cleverly Chloe

Cleverly Chloé is a former blogger turned media personality/event host & curator, and creative director from the Bronx, NY. Her blog; helped her gain a new audience in preparation for her official site,'s launch in 2015.

She is the co founder of the NYC based party; The iN House & is a former co host on Word Of Mouth Show podcast. She is also the creator and director of her web series "Clever In The City" and podcast "Clever Coins on

Alexa Leighton

Born in Brooklyn, and raised under the guise of a Jamaican mother and father, the self proclaimed “Mother of Dance Halls” will have you and your friends bussing imaginary shots in the middle of a party during a dancehall set, then slam her opinion about the lack of chivalry in millennial men down on a table like a winning double six in a heated domino game. As a host, media personality, and actress.

Alexa juggles a lot on a day to day basis. She is not only the face of her own brand, but DinnerLand.TV as well, and when she isn’t out hosting or shredding bigoted opinions on The Alexa Leighton Show, she’s probably on instagram entertaining her followers with comedic skits and the dramatics of her day to day life.


Brandon SNGDNC Mellette is a creative artist that use everything from content creation to stage performance to express his message. His message is simply to Live, Love, Create. New Media work includes "Freedom Series" (6 Pictures), "Roomies" (SNGDNC Film).

Theatre work includes "Death of a black man" (TNC), "Benjamin Banneker"(TNC) ETC.SNGDNC has recently released a project titled "PLAYMYSNGDNC" available on ITunes, Spotify etc. You can reach Brandon SNGDNC Mellette on all social media platform @SNGDNC. "Life is a stage, I don't live, I perform."

Justin Gerard

When he’s not being a pest and ruining Julian’s relationships Justin Gerard is the founder of “Justimation” his very own animation studio where he is currently producing his own cartoon. Studying Theater in school and starring in a number of school plays Justin Lives for the stage.

He is the host of his own youtube show titled “Choose Your Anime” that highlights his favorite moments in the anime world. In addition to acting Justin has modeled for top fashion brands during New York Fashion Week (Lacoste) and previously worked on Calvin Klein campaigns.

Funny Julius

Julius Stukes Jr. was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Although born in New York City, it was Shaw University, Raleigh, NC, that groomed him to be the man that he is today. A man of many hats, he is known to be a jack of all trades.

As a photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, digital producer, co- podcaster actor and event host/producer, Julius is still the normal humble guy that is always willing to help. Julius now resides in the Greater NYC area, hustling his way to wealth and fame.

T. Simon

Aside from being a good father with bad advice on Appropriate Culture, T. Simon has years of acting experience and has portraying a number of iconic historical black figures in his time; from W.E.B Dubois to Adam Clayton Powell.

T. Simon has traveled across the states performing his award winning one man show “Adam” in a series of film festivals. In 2017, Tim was awarded the Audelco Film award for best solo performance.

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